Sourcefire is hosting a webcast on IPS tuning. I think this is a critical step that is unfortunately overlooked in many organizations.

NSS Labs, the world’s leading independent information security research and testing organization. recently put seven leading Network IPS vendors through a rigorous test that included 1,159 validated exploits. nsslabs_award_tested2

One of the findings from the test was that a “tuned” IPS blocks considerably more threats than an IPS configured with a default policy alone..

To learn more about the NSS Labs Network IPS test results and some of the industry best practices for IPS tuning, please join us on March 10th for a free and insightful live webcast.

Speakers: Rick Moy, President of NSS Labs &
Matt Watchinski, Sr. Director of Sourcefire’s Vulnerability Research Team™ (VRT)

Date: Wednesday, March 10th at 11:00 a.m. Eastern (EST)