The sophisticated nature of network security threats that organizations face today requires a new approach to security, one that not only provides the required protection, but can protect before, during and after attack – a “next-generation” security solution which delivers superior value and utility – continuously.

To answer this demand, Sourcefire created the FirePOWER™ security platform, a universal security architecture that is able to run one or all of the Sourcefire “Next-Generation” security solutions – NGIPS, NGFW, and Advanced Malware Protection (AMP). FirePOWER sets the standard for Next-Generation security solutions, as the recent leadership recognition proves:

NSS Labs rates Sourcefire’s NGIPS solution first in Detection, Performance, Vulnerability Coverage and as being 100% effective against evasion techniques.
NSS Labs rates Sourcefire’s NGFW first in Detection, and the “Class Leader” in Performance and TCO.
Frost & Sullivan, a worldwide industry analyst firm, named Sourcefire itS 2013 Global IPS Product Leadership award winner, specifically recognizing Sourcefire for threat prevention, performance, flexibility (NGIPS, NGFW, AMP) and scailbility.

Sourcefire customers are taking advantage of FirePOWER’s flexibility by deploying Sourcefire Next-Generation network security solutions throughout their enterprise – providing protection both at the perimeter and within the network core.

What’s New?

Two new midrange FirePOWER appliances that provide increased port density, mixed media support and modularity capabilities using SFP technology (7115/7125)
Four new non-bypass pluggable network I/O cards (NetMods)that allow organizations to configure their Sourcefire appliances to meet their connectivity requirements and increase port density
Complete IPv6 support throughout our NGIPS and NGFW solutions – from policies to event viewers to table views.  IPv6 host support is provided in network discovery policies, correlation policies, whitelists, host profiles, various event viewers and the Context Explorer.
Geolocation data has been added to the reporting on intrusion, connection, file and malware events providing additional context to event analysis and improving trend discovery through the ability to search, sort and group events based on geographic data.
Enhanced High-Availability Features provides better fail-over capabilities, ensuring minimal disruption and continued protection in the event of a NGFW device failure. In addition, Sourcefire now supports high-availability in its clustered appliance stacks (8250, 8260, 8270 and 8290), providing continuous operations for our largest customers.
The addition of Site-to-Site VPN enables secure communications between two or more Sourcefire-protected networks through a Virtual Private Network (VPN) based on IPSec authentication and encryption.
Sourcefire simplifies the network address translation (NAT)configuration process by raising NAT to policy level.  By enabling NAT policies to be defined centrally rather than on a device-by-device basis, Sourcefire improves the consistency and effectiveness of an organization’s NGIPS/NGFW implementation.
Single Port IPS provides customers who have port density concerns the ability to use a single port on a Series 3 appliance as an inline IPS device.
And a number of additional Enhanced Access, Application and Administrative Controls such as SSL-based Application Detectors and FTP Detection Improvements.

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