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We have added a jobs board specifically focused on intrusion detection and intrusion prevention opportunities. We hope you enjoy!!!

Symantec replaces CEO

From CNET: “Symantec’s CEO Enrique Salem stepped down today after the company’s board of directors designated chairman of the board Steve Bennett as the new president and CEO.

This executive switch-over comes as the security software giant reported an abysmal year for revenue — second-quarter growth was just 1 percent to $1.67 billion, and profits decreased by 10 percent to $172 million, according toBloomberg.”


From Me:

There is also some rumors that Symantec may be reassessing its presence in the Enterprise Security market. This could interesting.




Today I received the below email from my Credit Union. While this is not new it is the first time I have received an email warning from my bank. This is just a example of the threats to come. With the rise of the mobile Internet this is only going to continue to grow.
 Credit Union has received several reports from members receiving suspicious text messages and phone calls which state that their debit or credit card needs to be reactivated. Please be advised that these messages were not originated by #####, and is a reminder that cyber-crime is not just for computers anymore.“Smishing”, the combination of texting and automated phone dialing, is an increasing scam the Federal Bureau of Investigation is warning consumers about as we head into the holiday shopping season. Holiday weekends typically see an increase in identity theft activity nationwide, as many financial institutions have limited Saturday hours or are closed. For additional information on how this scam works or steps you can take to safeguard your confidential information, please visit the Fraud Education section of our website.

At ######, we utilize the most advanced security technologies to protect your confidential information, and work diligently to identify scams and alert our members when such attempts are made. Neither we, nor any reputable financial institution would contact you by phone, text message or e-mail and ask for your confidential information.

If you suspect you have been a victim of identity theft, contact us immediately to report your card lost or stolen at the toll-free telephone number printed on the back of your ######### debit or credit card.

Credit Union

Building the Case for Intrusion Prevention

With the myriad of ‘trendy’ security topics taking the spotlight today, it is critical that organizations continue to focus on core network security, namely intrusion prevention, which is one of the most effective methods for securing the enterprise.

Please join DG Technology for an online briefing on: • Do businesses need Intrusion Prevention Systems (”IPS”)? • If so, what’s the best way to evaluate potential IPS vendors? • Which vendor should you select for your IPS requirements?

Join us for this webinar. https://www3.gotomeeting.com/register/206228382

Article on DDOS related to WikiLeaks


While it is certainly not new the fallout from the Wikileaks postings continue to come to light. As companies have decided not to be involved with Wikileaks and have distanced themselves from Wikileaks they have become the target of attackers that feel they are the bad guys. There have DDOS attacks against Mastercard, PayPal, Visa and others. Many of these attacks have been carried out by a group that call themselves “Anonymous”. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your perspective) for those that want to join Anonymous in their “hacktivisim” they are not truly anonymous.

Below is a link to an excellent paper that analyzes these DDOS attacks and the tool used to generate it. It is a good read.


Nessus Iphone App


Nessus has joined other security vendors in creating a Iphone app. They are the first vendor I know of though that allows you to manage their product. Up to this point the Iphone apps have only provided information and not allowed you to manage a product. Yes, you could get an SSH client for the phone and use that to connect to a product and scan but this is the first one I know of that allows you to manage their product. I would think companies like Qualys would have already done this since they are cloud based. It is nice to see Nessus continue to innovate and evolve.

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